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1967.03.14 - Apollo 204 Review Board test results failed to show any SM anomalies

The Service Module Disposition Panel (No. 21) report accepted by the Apollo 204 Review Board said test results had failed to show any SM anomalies due to SM systems and there was no indication that SM systems were responsible for initiating the January 27 fire.

Panel 21 had been charged with planning and executing SM activities in the Apollo 204 investigation, beginning at the time the Board approved the command module demate. The task was carried out chiefly by Apollo line organizational elements in accordance with a plan approved by the Board and identifying documentation and control requirements.

The panel's major activities had been:

- Demating the service module and service module-lunar module adapter from the launch vehicle and moving them to the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building.
- Inspecting the exterior and interior areas of the service module.
- Making detailed system tests of all service module systems that were mechanically or electrically connected to the command module at the time of the accident.

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