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1967.02.10 - Apollo 204 Review Board requests detailed description of responsibilities in the Apollo program

Apollo 204 Review Board Chairman Floyd Thompson requested the NASA Office of Manned Space Flight, MSFC, KSC, and MSC to furnish a detailed description of their responsibilities, organizational relationships, and alignment in the Apollo program.

Robert W. Van Dolah (Bureau of Mines), Chairman of the Origin and Propagation of Fire Panel, was asked to prepare a report on fire propagation by February 15 for submission to NASA Deputy Administrator Robert C. Seamans, Jr.

Specially built tables had been placed in the Pyrotechnic Installation Building to display items from CM 012 for inspection without handling.

The Board also decided to ask that special studies of the spacesuits be made by the manufacturer and the MSC Crew Systems Division, to provide expert opinions on possible contributing factors to the fire and information for future spacesuit design.

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