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1966.10.07 - Apollo AS-204 Design Certification Review

NASA Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight George E. Mueller, at the conclusion of the AS-204 Design Certification Review (DCR), requested each NASA manager to reexamine his stages, modules, systems, and subsystems upon substantial completion of the review's closeout actions and to file an updated certification statement to the Design Certification Board.

On November 16, Apollo Program Director Samuel C. Phillips asked ASPO Manager Joseph F. Shea to submit the updated certification statements and supporting data to him by December 14 to permit him to submit the statements and his affirmation to the Board before the December 20 Manned Space Flight Review. He pointed out that each certification statement should affirm:

- that the reservations previously cited had been dispelled by appropriate action;

- that design problems identified subsequent to the review had been resolved;

- that actions identified during the review had been completed (except where specifically noted); and

- that his previous certification of the design of flight systems for flight worthiness and manned safety, or of the capability of Launch Support to support a manned mission, remained valid.

Any residual contingencies or actions, scheduled for completion at the Flight Readiness Review, should be specifically listed.

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