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1965.12.02 - Apollo LEM TM-5 cancelled

Maj. Gen. Samuel C. Phillips, NASA Apollo Program Director, approved the deletion of the LEM TM-5 from the ground test program.

He requested that MSC consider the following recommendations:

- A Langley Research Center drop test program using a full-scale LEM as part of the LEM test program.
- Expansion of the one-sixth scale model tests in the areas of nonsymmetrical landings and soil landings.
- Planning of mechanism tests on LTA-3 with attention to their timelines.
- Investigation of use of the LTA-3 or LEM-1 for structural elasticity tests.

On December 23, ASPO Manager Joseph F. Shea replied regarding the recommendations:

- Langley had been requested by MSC to support the LEM ground test program by conducting tests of a simulated LEM on the Langley one-sixth gravity simulation test rig.
- Additional tests of one-sixth LEM drop models would be conducted to cover nonsymmetrical landings. Evaluation of LEM landing performance in soil was starting at MSC in a program that would include both analysis and experimental studies.
- MSC felt that sufficient demonstration of the mechanism capabilities of the landing gear would be provided by the planned dynamic tower tests and the Langley tests. The LTA-3 drop tests, however, would be used as a further means of demonstrating the mechanism's functionability.
- An analytical study to evaluate the structural "elastic spring-back" effects on LEM landing performance was being conducted by Grumman. If evaluation of this study showed the need for experimental testing, the use of the LTA-3 for elasticity tests would be investigated. The use of a flight article, such as LEM-1, for such tests was not considered desirable because of the possibility of structural damage.

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