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1965.04.27 - Apollo CM Block II Critical Design Review Part II

Part II of the Critical Design Review of the crew compartment and docking system for the Block II CM was held at Downey, California, using mockups 28 and 27 A. (Part I had been held on March 23-24.)

- Systems Engineering Division reported 49 design changes were requested in the crew compartment, 45 of which were acted upon. The two most serious problems were:

- stowage of the portable life support systems;
- and the crewmen's knees striking the main display console at impact.

- Structures and Mechanics Division reported a number of minor changes to the docking system, primarily to simplify crew transfer and operation of the hatch mechanisms.
- Crew Systems Division (CSD) engineers evaluated the compatibility of the space suit and MSC's new in- house helmet with the Block II spacecraft. CSD reported that the suits were sufficiently mobile and afforded adequate visibility; problems with the shoulders, experienced in early versions of the suit, had been solved; and while the three crewmen still quite literally rubbed elbows, this problem also had been alleviated and no longer hampered the crew's performance.

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