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1973.11.06 - A high-energy food bar was added to the menu of the Skylab 4 astronauts.

The 72 kg of additional food placed aboard the SL-4 command module included 39 kg of high-energy food bars and would supply sufficient food for an extension of the mission to 85 days, plus an additional 10 days' supply for a rescue capability.

The food bars, which contained 300 calories each, would be used by the crewmen every third day of the mission in combination with the normal Skylab food. There were three kinds of energy bars-chocolate chip, crispy, and flake. Each was coated with one of three flavors- vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry- making nine different varieties. The bar, a modification of a commercially available Pillsbury food stick, was all offspring of a bar developed jointly by NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and the Pillsbury Company.

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