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More Details for 1998-12-08
STS-88 Mission Status Report # 12

At the request of Commander Bob Cabana, Mission Control delayed Endeavour's wake-up call by one-half hour today, waking the crew at 12:06 p.m. CST, after the astronauts remained up past their scheduled sleep time to enjoy the view and relax following a very busy and successful day yesterday. The crew was awakened by Dwight Yokum's "Streets of Bakersfield," requested by the wife of Pilot Rick Sturckow, a California native.

Following yesterday's 7-hour, 21-minute spacewalk, Mission Specialists Jim Newman and Jerry Ross will relax today beginning preparations for tomorrow's spacewalk, the second of three planned during this mission. Ross, Newman and Mission Specialists Nancy Currie and Sergei Krikalev will set up and prepare equipment for tomorrow's spacewalk. This evening, all six astronauts will gather to review procedures prior to Ross and Newman's second excursion into space tomorrow.

Flight controllers will conduct command checks between Mission Control, Houston, and Mission Control, Moscow, to verify the ability to command Zarya from Houston via the Moscow control center. In preparation for the crew's entry into the International Space Station on Thursday, the mating adapter between Unity and Zarya, Pressurized Mating Adapter 1 (PMA 1) will be pressurized via remote commands from Moscow and checked for leaks. Flight controllers in Houston also will power on filters and fans and monitor temperatures inside Unity as heaters warm up the module prior to Thursday's entry.

Cabana and Sturckow will fire Endeavour's primary reaction control jets shortly after 2:30 CST this afternoon for about 22 minutes to raise the altitude of the International Space Station by about 5-1/2 statute miles. An opportunity for a second reboost maneuver is available later in the flight as well.

At 5:41 p.m. this evening, Cabana, Sturckow and Currie will be interviewed by ABC News/Discovery Channel and MSNBC. Once these activities are completed, the crew will have off-duty time starting around 7:30 CST this evening.

Endeavour and the International Space Station are orbiting the Earth at an altitude of about 240 statute miles with all systems in excellent shape.

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