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More Details for 1967-02-04
Apollo 204 Review Board established an Advisory Group

Apollo 204 Review Board Chairman Floyd L. Thompson established an Advisory Group to support the Board in its investigation.

The group consisted of representatives, consultants, liaison officers, observers, and secretariat and would report to the Board Chairman.

Duties were defined as follows:

- Representative; represent a major element of NASA or other government agency having programs and activities associated with the Apollo Program.
- Consultant; serve as an adviser to the Review Board by providing opinions, information, and recommendations, as appropriate, based on his field of competence.
- Observer; acquire information relative to his area of expertise and normal responsibility.
- Secretariat: provide administrative, secretarial, clerical, and other supporting services to the Review Board.

The following were designated to the Advisory Group by Thompson:


C. H. Bolender, NASA Hq., representing the Apollo Program Director;

Charles W. Mathews, Director, Apollo Applications Program, NASA Hq.;

Rocco A. Petrone, Director, Launch Operations, KSC;

Joseph F. Shea, ASPO Manager, MSC;

Lt. Col. William D. Baxter, USAF, Chief, Range Safety Office, Air Force Eastern Test Range;

G. F. Kelly, Flight Medicine Branch, Center Medical Office, MSC.


Frank A. Long, Vice President for Research and Advanced Studies, Cornell University;

John Yardley, Technical Director, Astronautics Co., Division of McDonnell Co.;

George W. Jeffs, Chief Engineer, Apollo Program, North American Aviation, Inc., or alternate R. L. Benner, Assistant Chief Engineer, Apollo Program, North American Aviation, Inc.;

Irving Pinkel, Chief, Fluid Systems Research Division, Lewis Research Center;

Thomas G. Horeff, Propulsion Program Manager, Engineering and Safety Division, Aircraft Development Service, Federal Aviation Agency;

Homer Carhart, Chief, Fuels Branch, Chemistry Division, Naval Research Laboratory;

John S. Leak, Chief, Technical Services, Engineering Division, Bureau of Safety, Civil Aeronautics Board.

Liaison Officer: Duncan Collins, Special Adviser, Secretary of the Air Force, Skylab Program.


All MSC astronauts;

John D. Hodge, MSC;

P. A. Butler, USAF;

W. Dugan, USAF;

George E. Mueller, NASA Hq.;

Samuel C. Phillips, NASA Hq.;

Kurt H. Debus, KSC;

Paul C. Donnelly, KSC;

John W. King, KSC;

H. E. McCoy, KSC;

R. E. Moser, KSC;

W. P. Murphy, KSC;

G. Merritt Preston, KSC;

J. G. Shinkle, KSC;

A. F. Siepert, KSC;

W. Williams, KSC.


Ernest Swieda, Executive Secretary.

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