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More Details for 1967-01-28
Apollo 204 Review Board established to investigate the AS-204 accident

The Apollo 204 Review Board was established by NASA's Deputy Administrator Robert C. Seamans, Jr., to investigate the Apollo 204 accident that had killed the 204 prime crew January 27. The Board would report to the NASA Administrator.

Appointed to the Board were:

- Floyd L. Thompson, Director Langley Research Center, Chairman.
- Frank Borman, astronaut, MSC.
- Maxime A. Faget, Director of Engineering and Development, MSC.
- E. Barton Geer, Associate Chief of Flight Vehicles and Systems Division, LaRC.
- George Jeffs, Chief Engineer, Apollo, North American Aviation, Inc.
- Frank A. Long, President's Science Advisory Committee member, Vice President for Research and Advanced Studies, Cornell University.
- Col. Charles F. Strang, USAF, Chief of Missiles and Space Safety Division, Air Force Inspector General, Norton Air Force Base, Calif.
- George C. White, Jr., Director, Reliability and Quality, Apollo Program Office, NASA Hq.
- John Williams, Director of Spacecraft Operations, KSC.

George Malley, Chief Counsel, LaRC, was named to serve as counsel to the Board.

The Board was told it could call upon any element of NASA for support, assistance, and information, and was instructed to:

- Review the circumstances surrounding the accident to establish the probable cause or causes and review the findings, corrective actions, and recommendations being developed by the program offices, field Centers, and contractors.
- Direct any further specific investigations necessary.
- Report its findings on the cause of the accident to the NASA Administrator as expeditiously as possible and release the information through the Office of Public Affairs.
- Consider the impact of the accident on all Apollo equipment preparation, testing, and flight operations.
- Consider all other factors related to the accident, including design procedures, organization, and management.
- Develop recommendations for corrective or other action based upon its findings and determinations.
- Document its findings, determinations, and recommendations and submit a final report to the Administrator, which would not be released without his approval.

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