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Rohini 2

Indian technology satellite. One launch, 1981.05.31.

First Launch: 1981.05.31.
Number: 1 .

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Associated Countries
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Associated Launch Vehicles
  • SLV Indian all-solid orbital launch vehicle. More...
  • SLV-3 Indian all-solid orbital launch vehicle. Four stage vehicle consisting of 1 x SLV-3-1 + 1 x SLV-3-2 + 1 x SLV-3-3 + 1 x SLV-3-4 More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • ISRO Indian manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Indian Space Research Organization, India. More...

  • McDowell, Jonathan, Jonathan's Space Home Page (launch records), Harvard University, 1997-present. Web Address when accessed: here.
  • Krebs, Gunter, Gunter's Space Page, University of Frankfurt, 1996. Web Address when accessed: here.

Associated Launch Sites
  • Sriharikota India's primary space launch center, located on the east coast of the peninsula with a firing sector over the Bay of Bengal. In use from 1971 to present. More...

Rohini 2 Chronology

1981 May 31 - . 05:00 GMT - . Launch Site: Sriharikota. Launch Complex: Sriharikota SLV. LV Family: SLV. Launch Vehicle: SLV-3. LV Configuration: SLV-3 SLV-3-D3. FAILURE: Partial Failure.. Failed Stage: U.
  • Rohini 2 - . Payload: Rohini RS-D-1. Nation: India. Agency: ISRO. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. Spacecraft: Rohini 2. Decay Date: 1981-05-31 . USAF Sat Cat: 12491 . COSPAR: 1981-051A. Apogee: 374 km (232 mi). Perigee: 181 km (112 mi). Inclination: 46.2000 deg. Period: 90.06 min. Summary: Orbit too low..

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