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Contacting Astronauts and Cosmonauts
Leads on getting in touch with astronauts.

Sorry, we cannot provide contact information for individual astronauts or cosmonauts. However we can suggest the following public leads:

The Association of Space Explorers books personal appearances for a number of astronauts and cosmonauts.

NASA Astronauts (the following is official NASA material):

  • Contacting NASA astronauts

    Because of the extremely high volume of e-mail they would receive if their addresses were public, astronauts' e-mail addresses are restricted. However, you can write them at the following address:

    Astronaut Office/CB
    Johnson Space Center
    Houston, TX 77058

  • Requesting An Astronaut Appearance

    NASA's Astronaut Appearance program offers the general public the opportunity to become more informed about the U.S. space program. To learn more and to motivate your audience, you can request an astronaut to make a presentation to your school, company, military organization, community organization or community event. NASA requires all requests for astronaut appearances to be in writing, giving us the date, location and any aspects of the program. Acceptances are based on whether the request provides a forum for the astronaut to educate the public about the space program.

    Additional information that would be helpful in reviewing your request is as follows:

    • Contact Representative:
      • Name
      • Title
      • Address
      • Home Phone
      • Work Phone

    • Proposed Schedule (list all activities):
      • Event
      • Location
      • Date/Time and Zone
      • Audience Size

    • Publicity:

      • Is the event open to the Press?
      • Is the speech to be broadcast?
      • Is there media interest in the speaker?

    Another factor for accepting a request is the availability of travel funds. This involves an offer in writing, of round trip airfare from Clear Lake, Texas, lodging, meals and any incidentals such as taxis or rental cars. NASA, like most other government agencies, is operating with reduced travel funds therefore, we are able to accept only appearances that are reimbursable.


    Discrimination -- NASA is prevented from participating in any event in which any person for reason of race, religion, sex or creed is excluded from or segregated within membership in sponsoring organization attandance at this event, or any of the facilities housing this event.

    Fundraising -- A longstanding policy prevents NASA from participating in any activity that is associated with fundraising, either directly or indirectly. In order to support the needs of society beyond the space program, NASA employees annually participate in the Combined Federal Campaign.

    For Astronaut Appearances, send a written request to:

    • Astronaut Office/CB
      Johnson Space Center
      Houston, TX 77058
      Or Fax request to: (281) 244-8863

  • How can I become an astronaut?

    Any adult man or woman in excellent physical condition who meets the basic qualifications can be selected to enter astronaut training.

    For mission specialists and pilot astronauts, the minimum requirements include a bachelor's degree in engineering, science or mathematics from an accredited institution. Three years of related experience must follow the degree, and an advanced degree is desirable. Pilot astronauts must have at least 1,000 hours of experience in jet aircraft, and they need better vision than mission specialists. Competition is extremely keen, with an average of over 4,000 applicants for about 20 openings every 2 years.

    Astronaut recruiting occurs periodically. For more information, write to the Astronaut Selection Office, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX 77058.

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