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Sun Jiadong

Sun Jiadong
Credit: NASA
Sun Jiadong Chinese engineer. Chief Designer of China's DF-2 and DF-3 IRBM's and first artificial and remote sensing satellites.

Chief Designer of China's DF-2 and DF-3 IRBM's and first artificial and remote sensing satellites. At the beginning of 1967 Sun Jiadong was put in charge of system design for China's first satellite. He had been studying in Russia when Sputnik was launched, and even then wondered when China would match the accomplishment. Now, ten years later, work was underway to do just that. By December 1967 Sun Jiadong had begun management of the country's first satellite development factory. The design for the first satellite was kept simple in order to maximize the chance of success. The decision was made that it would easily visible for tracking purposes and broadcast 'The East is Red' for radio tracking purposes. In October 1969 Qian Xuesen and Sun presented the final satellite report to Premier Zhou Enlai. Sun had the courage to warn that the orders to include badges and sayings of Chairman Mao aboard the satellite would detrimentally affect the weight and reflectivity of the satellite, jeopardizing the whole project. Zhou Enlai authorized deletion of the offending items.

Official Chinese Academy of Sciences Biography

Sun Jiadong

Specialist in general design of rocket and satellite. Born in Gaixian, Laoning Province. Graduated from Joukowsky Institute of Air Force Engineering, former USSR in 1958. Research professor and director, Science and Technology Commission, China Aerospace Corporation.

Sun was engaged in the general design and system engineering of strategic missiles and satellites. He was the general designer for medium-range missiles and completed the overall design of China's first medium-range missile. He was also the leader and general designer of many artificial satellites and completed the overall design of China's first artificial satellite, first recovery remote sensing satellite and first testing communication satellite with static orbit. He was in charge of the technological management for the development and launching of various satellites, and played a leading and policy-making role in solving many important engineering problems. He was the general designer of the large astronautic engineering system for the second generation applied satellites and was responsible for technological policy-making, command and coordination.

He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991.


Education: Zhukovsky.

Birth Place: Gaixian, Laoning.

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