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Stevenson, Robert Everett (1921-2001) American oceanographer payload specialist astronaut, 1984-1984.

Bachelor of arts and master of arts in oceanography from the University of California 1946 and 1948, respectively. Ph.D. in Marine Geology from the University of Southern California, 1954. Called the father of space oceanography, he trained the crew of Gemini 12 in oceanographic observations from orbit. Assigned to STS-41G, but his first wife fell ill and he was replaced by Paul Scully-Power. Retired in 1988. Died of cancer.

Birth Place: Fullerton, California.
Status: Deceased.

Born: 1921.01.15.
Died: 2001.08.12.

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1986 October - .
2001 August 12 - .
  • Death of Robert Everett Stevenson at Princeville, Hawaii. Cancer. - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Stevenson. Summary: American oceanographer payload specialist astronaut, 1984-1984..

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