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Huang Weilu

Huang Weilu
Credit: China Academy of Sciences
Huang Weilu Chinese Engineer. Chief Designer for Chinese submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

Educated London.

Official Chinese Academy of Sciences Biography

Huang Weilu

Automatic control specialist. Born in Wuhu, Anhui Province. Graduated from the Electric Engineering Department, Central University in 1940. Received MS from the Imperial College, University of London, UK in 1947. Senior technological advisor, China Aerospace Corporation, and chief technological advisor, Second Research Institute of the Corporation.

At the end of the 1950s, Huang was the chief designer of control system for the liquid strategic guided missile. He initiated R&D in this field and solved a great number of important technical problems. In the early 1970s, he was engaged in the pioneering work of submarine launched solid strategic guided missiles. He and his colleagues decided correct overall solutions, technical guidelines and key projects, adopted many new technologies, solved a number of key problems such as underwater launch, cold launch, out-of-surface large attitude control technique, leveling and aiming techniques under swing conditions, multi-function mobile launch carrier, device minimization and real-time calculation of firing parameters, developed and fabricated the first generation of Chinese solid submarine-to-ground guided missiles, and enabled China to be the fourth country capable of launching solid strategic guided missiles from nuclear submarine. He also arranged and accomplished key pre-study projects and laid a technological foundation for the solidification of the second generation Chinese strategic guided missiles.

He was elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991.

Birth Place: Wuhu, Anhui.

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