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Fieseler, Gerhard (1896-1987) German chief designer. Manufacturer of the V-1 cruise missile. German sport flier and aircraft manufacturer.

Born: 1896.
Died: 1987.01.01.

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  • Michels, Juergen and Przybilski, Olaf, Peenemuende und seine Erben in Ost und West, Bernard & Graefe, Bonn, 1997.

Fieseler Chronology

1939 July 6 - .
  • Wernher von Braun proposed to the German Reich Air Ministry a "fighter with rocket drive". - . Nation: Germany. Related Persons: Bachem; Fieseler. Spacecraft: Von Braun Rocketplane. The vertical take-off interceptor would reach 8 km altitude in 53 seconds and then manoeuvre toward the aircraft to be intercepted. The design was developed further by Fieseler as the Fi-166, which retained the rocket takeoff but used a turbojet for a longer cruising flight. The Ministry finally rejected the vertical-takeoff rocket interceptor concept at the end of 1941. The concept was revived at the end of the war as the Bachem Natter.

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