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Dong Xiaohai

Dong Xiaohai Chinese pilot taikonaut, 1971, but program cancelled less than a year later.

Dong Xiaohai, an astronaut in the first Chinese training group of 1971-1972, was later Commander of the 18th Air Force Training Division. Joined the PLA in 1950 and subsequently trained as a pilot. On April 3, 1965, Dong had distinguished himself by shooting down an American AQM-34 unpiloted reconnaissance drone over Guangxi. This success was accomplished by changing the intercept geometry from that used before. The intercept distance was reduced from 120 to 70 km, and the altitude of intercept was accordingly increased from 13.5 km to 14.5 km. In attempting to zoom to high altitude to shoot down the drone Dong twice stalled and flamed out. On the third attempt he successfully shot down the enemy aircraft at an altitude of 18.1 km. His squadron downed two more drones and was awarded the title 'Air Force Hero Squadron' on 3 May 1965.

Birth Place: , Wuhan.
Status: Inactive.

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