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1965.09.16 - Apollo LM PCMTEA changes

The Assistant Chief for Electronic Systems notified ASPO that the proposed Grumman plan to repackage the LEM pulse command modulated and timing electronic assembly (PCMTEA) had been discussed and investigated and that the Instrumentation and Electronic Systems Division (IESD) concurred with the proposal.

Following is the impact to the PCMTEA as a result of Grumman's proposed changes:

- weight of the PCMTEA would be reduced 1.4 kg (3 lbs) and a further reduction of 4.99 kg (11 lbs) would result from repackaging;

- volume of the PCMTEA would be reduced by approximately 8,123 milliliters (500 cu in);

- there would be no schedule impact to LEM-1, LTA-8, or the PCMTEA qualification test program because of the proposed changes; and

- no firm cost estimates were available but IESD estimated repackaging cost would be about $100,000.

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